Body of Work

2009 – Present

A series of collaborative works with photographer Niki Grangruth, Muse explores non-traditional concepts of beauty, gender, and the gaze.
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Miscellaneous Fabulosity
2009 – Present

Objects and other works of art that require being made – just because.
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Mything the One
May 2009

Performance/installation exploring my life-long obsession with brides, affinity for the social messaging bestowed upon them, and personal myths regarding love, gender and marriage.
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Costumes & Garments
2005 – Present

A collection of costumes for special events, and masculine/feminine mashups for everyday wear.
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One Whole Breath
November 2005

An ensemble three-hour durational performance, as part of the Chicago Cultural Center’s Site Unseen program featuring an evening of site specific performance.
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Beyond the Altared State 
May 2005 (Graduate thesis performance)

Beyond the Altared State employs the ritual of assuming altered states of consciousness and accessing alter personas in an effort to achieve more authentic levels of self-expression.
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Your turn:

  1. James, I see you in every expression of art you included, and yet I feel there is so much more for me to learn about you. Beautiful and haunting.